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Tuesday, June 03, 2008
well...suddenly thought of reviving my blog again...cause i really want to have a place to leave my poly life memories...

life have been really great! gt into CHinese STUDIES with my GOOD fren , daphne!!! its just sooo freaking awesome! but assignments are all piling up like mountains..and the deadlines are all on thursday. how wonderful can it be?? burning the midnight oil just like old times.(its been like 7 months since i burnt midnight oil) 2am?? WOW...so proud of myself.

many good memories were formed in this 2 months time! and next week the hols are starting i cant wait!!! made new frens and everybody just SO friendly. (unlike me)

28th may 2008
anyways went to watch made of honour with daphne...AWESOME!!! there were less than 10 ppl watching the movie. so its like we booked the entire cinema! had porriage buffet in Tiong Bahru! really eat until damn full!!! we kept taking the fried fish cause its like damn nice, with chilli spices on it something like shi lin chicken just that it is fish.

its been like ages since we caught a movie, so i was really happy.AFFHOLE!!! was really tired to continue shopping and also not really in the mood to start shopping.cause there are too much work undone.did psycholoy hw yesterday and trying to rush out the translation hw by today which is seriously driving me crazy....crapping was really easy in secondary school, but in poly crapping became a skill....1000 words of crap???? OMG!!!! i have nv crap soo much for work in life. maybe gossip?? hahahaha definitely!!!!OH YA and we din have school todae its just soooo awesome but even so i still idle my time away....dats something really bad. jasmine OH NO!!!! CONCENTRATE...the hw bloody costs marks!!!!!!!!! crap as much as possible........squeezing brain juice.
the empty cinema:) looks old though
(but can kiau ka) oops:)
spastic look
--Mary HAD a little lamb--
6:29 PM

Monday, July 30, 2007
--Mary HAD a little lamb--
5:27 PM

Friday, July 20, 2007
todae is racial harmony day...
dressed in ethnic costume and went to schoool
mine wasnt any indian or malay,
it was supposedly to be eurasian
but some IDIOTS just doesnt seem to get it
i shall not sae hu or i will be in deep trouble..
(wanna noe can come and ask me)
early morning gt scolded from *tut*
saying that my dressing was inappropriate,
was so damn pissed and heart-broken.
my poor mei oso gt scolded for speaking up for me...
so angry.*tut* totally spoil my whole day.
and rui lynn PINCHED my cheek and kind of gt addicted

ya had lit ORP was toking out way thru
going to the toilet lyk MANY times just to pass tym
dan after recess we had eng ORP,then had review...
was quite ok.i tot i would be sooooo bored cuz jaslyn did not come.
but it was ok....welll i am soo dead prelims is nxt tue
AND I HAVEN STUDY!!! haha....
some ppl just cannot change their set of thinking
forever stick to one....indian and malay then is racial harmony!
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do i really not look lyk an eurasian.
farmer=eurasian right???
--Mary HAD a little lamb--
4:53 PM

Tuesday, July 17, 2007
ok...apparently nobody can find my tagboard...
have to click on it dan the tagboard will appear...
anyways nth much in skool but just papers papers and more papers.

although there are somethings,
but no matter how hard i try to hint it to that person
it just seems impossible for that person to realise
so i just had to live with it....
--Mary HAD a little lamb--
6:11 PM

Sunday, July 08, 2007
ISNT he adorable!!! haha

ok decided to post again

the pics are kind of covering my links

so ya....2mr gonna have ORP

for e maths....haha

tue is SS....chiong lo...
--Mary HAD a little lamb--
2:41 PM

here to blog again!!! haha
<Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketanyways the week had been quite bad la...
dunno wad am i stressing over?
it seems like every single thing..
it just doesnt feel like me..
i lack of something...but i just cant figure out wad issit?

anyways mrs das kind of gave us a talk on fri
and the hall was just FREAKING HOT!!
but oh wells wad can i do rite?
cant possbly blow wind at myself wad..

i cant wait for Os to be over....
and i seriously need a new fone...
this stupid fone gt no mp3 at all...
but at least i gt a fone to use!!! haha...
totally screwd my chinese oral up.
ask bout exercise OMG, when on earth does jasmine exercise
haha...anyways i kind of edit this skin..
it was really pretty before but i edit the picture and the alignment.
i hope i dun get FINE for it!
ORP is tedious,prelims are worse...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
NUMBER 20!!!!!
--Mary HAD a little lamb--
2:05 PM

Thursday, June 28, 2007
i believe everybody will change when the tym is up
or even because of the surroundings that affects one or influences one
Personally, i think it is just sooo true
sometimes you may think that the person just changes overnight
or maybe because of events that causes such drastic change.
Frens normally just hope that without hurting,one will eventually find out
but sometimes their reaction is so slow that they do not even noe wad is e problem.

Another thing,i realised that when ppl actually told a fren something kind of personal,
many tend to just tell it to another person,sometimes just IMMEDIATELY!
Such ppl definately needa change that stinking attitude.

sometimes ppl maybe touchy, but too touchy is DISGUSTING!
although i am from a all girl skool doesnt mean we doesnt have such feelings
but just that having to do all those just to attract attention is really uneccessary!
i have no idea y am i saying this but just to let all those ppl hu are suffering from such misery to understand somethings.
In life, somethings are just total craziness and sometimes one can be too stressed out that they actually go NUTS!!!

anyways had eng prelim ORAL! i supposed i did fine! and ya skool was ok
gt into the same emaths and amaths class as JESSICA! JULIA! JACINTA! WAN LING! ya dats wad i recall!
--Mary HAD a little lamb--
10:24 PM

Wednesday, June 27, 2007
well...skool went well todae..supposed to take height and weight
but no tym so managed to escape...have to start losing ABIT of weight!
haha no la shld be alot..ok i am crapping...anw there are somethings dat i wanna sae
to some ppl...

HELLO! babes! really thanks for the reassurance that both of u give...
yeah we will be the BEST OF FRIENDS FOR LIFE!!!!!
and promise the gossip session mayb after prelims...
but i think we can actually meet up for lunch someday after skool
how about it??? haha or maybe had BADMINTON SESSIONS!!

HELLO! gal nxt tym dun show us such a scary face
you totally scared the wits out of all of us
i noe u arnt very happy bout ur parents
and everything that is happening at home.
but still in skool u have all of us..so...
PLEASE be happy in skool( since u are nt happy at home)
we would really be glad to actually share the sorrow
but still u have to show us ur smile?
having that stare of us will get u no where
but only ONE thing.
everybody will not dare to tok to u.....
bear in mind dat u are not the only person who actually is unhappy
there are many others hu are unhappy
ur smile is worthless,
so cherish that smile of urs....

another thing.
i noe that PRELIMS are round the corner
everyone is actually very anxious, but still
we managed to pull a smile to our surrounding ppl
those hu cared for us,
but somehow u are just stressing all of us.
u needa change wen the exams are around the corner, FRIEND!
you are TOO stress..
AND ITS FREAKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SERIOUS! no joke...
RELAX....as long as you put in ur best
things will go ur way...dun stress urself and those around you....
no need to sae sorry to me...FRIENDS FOR LIFE!
--Mary HAD a little lamb--
3:25 PM

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